The first step in the development of the art therapy was done with the research of the art production of mentally ill people to help to find their diagnosis. The Art therapy started to be used as a specific therapeutic method together with the progress of psychoanalysis and other schools in 30th and 40th of the 20th century. Pioneers of the Art therapy were mostly artists with psychotherapeutic background. They were searching for possibilities to connect the art work and psychotherapy and its meaning for the the treatment (M. Naumburg, C. Lewis, E. Kramer and others).

The Art therapy was used as a part of psychotherapy in different institutions from the 50th in 20th century in the Czech republic. PhDr.D.Kocabova established art therapeutic section within the Psychotherapeutic association CLS J.E. Purkyne in 70th. There were gathered people interested in the art therapy and they started to organize different kind of workshops. The popularity of the art therapy increased especially among students and graduate of the Special education studies in the 80th. The art therapy was incorporated into the teaching plan of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of South Bohemia thanks to PhDr. M. Kyzour. The Czech association of the art therapy was established as a civic association opened for everybody interested in this topic. The association gradually seeks to become a professional otganization.